Here you can find documents that may be useful and interesting to you as a member of the Scheme. Click on the names of the documents to download the latest version.

You can also download useful forms if you need to update any of your personal details.


Expression of Wish form

Nomination form

AVC Application form

Transfer Enquiry form

Opt-out form

Member updates

MRCPS Member Guide September 2019

Scheme booklet (Pre 1st April 2018)

AVC Booklet

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure(The formal process for raising a complaint that the administration team couldn't resolve.)

Member Nominated Trustee Booklet

Scheme Documents

Actuarial valuation report 2019 MRC section

Actuarial valuation report 2019 University section

MRCPS - Privacy Notice Nov 2021

Statement of Investment Principles June 2020

Statement of Funding Principles December 2020 main section

Statement of Funding Principles December 2020 University section

Trustees' report 2021

Trustees' report 2020

Trustees' report 2019

Trustees' report 2018

Trustees' report 2017

GMP Equalisation Statement 2018

Funding Update – MRC Section 2018

Funding Update University Section 2018

MRC Accounts 31 Dec 2021

MRC Accounts 31 Dec 2020

MRC Accounts 31 Dec 2019

MRC Accounts 31 Dec 2018

MRC Accounts 31 Dec 2017

Schedule of Contributions Main Section 16 December 2020

Schedule of Contributions University Section 16 December 2020

Summary Funding Statement 2021

MRC DB Implementation Statement – June 2021

Scheme Trust Deeds & Rules

Third definitive trust deed and rules (20 December 2011)

Deed of sectionalisation and amendment (17 December 2013)

MCR Pension Scheme Second Amending Deed (14 March 2018)

Deed of amendment and scheme apportionment dated 2 May 2018

Deed of participation and substitution 2 May 2018

Staff Bulletins

Staff Bulletin 555

Staff Bulletin 556

Staff Bulletin 560

Staff Bulletin 561

Staff Bulletin 563

Staff Bulletin 565

Staff Bulletin 569

Staff Bulletin 573

Staff Bulletin 574

Staff Bulletin 579

Staff Bulletin 586

Staff Bulletin 592

Staff Bulletin 593

Staff Bulletin 595

Staff Bulletin 597