The Trustee

MRC Pension Scheme is governed by Trust Deeds and Rules and is managed by the MRC Pension Trust Limited.

There are nine Directors of MRC Pension Trust Limited. The Directors are known as Trustees and they make sure the Scheme is run in the best interests of members; they also make sure it follows laws and legislation about pensions and making sure changes are reflected where necessary.

The Trustee undertakes extensive training to make sure it is able to run the Scheme properly.

There are nine Trustees in total:

The Trustee is made up of:
William Rayner (chair) Independent
Hugh Dunlop Company Appointed
Rebecca Leigh Company Appointed
Kevin Moreton PhD Company Appointed
Carole Walker Company Appointed
Prof Howard Cook PhD Member Nominated
Prof Kelvin Cain PhD Member Nominated
Geoff Der Member Nominated
Peter Morgan PhD Member Nominated
Jim Clerkin

Jim Clerkin

William (Bill) Rayner

William (Bill) Rayner

William (Bill) Rayner has over 40 years’ experience in the pensions industry, and has held senior positions at Board and Executive level in Mercer (in UK, Australia, and Mercer’s global leadership) and in the UK Government Actuary’s Department. He is an actuary, but throughout his career has always taken a keen interest in broader issues beyond the actuarial technicalities, notably the practical aspects of running a scheme, governance, and clarity of explanation to all stakeholders.

The day to day management of the Scheme is managed by Jim Clerkin, the Director of MRC Group Pensions. Jim joined MRC in 2004 and has an extensive background in occupational pensions having worked previously for AMP, Philips Electronics, NatWest and RBS. He is Director of MRC Group Pensions and Secretary to the Trustees. Based in London, Jim is part of the Corporate HR team and also sits on the Pensions Advisory Board of the EMBL Pension Scheme. Jim is a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute and the Chartered Institute of Insurers and holds the Diploma in International Employee Benefits.

The Trustee also uses the services of professional advisers to help them.

JLT Employee Benefits provides award winning pensions administration services and has been appointed by the Trustee to look after the day-to-day running of the Scheme and to settle the benefits due to you and your family at the appropriate time.

Should you have any questions about the Scheme, please refer them to JLT in the first instance using the contact details above.